Who are we?

The community

Living in a cohousing community is a unique experience, where community life is at the heart of people's lifestyle choices.
At Cohabitat Québec, daily life is marked by exceptional community living, where neighbors share the values of living together. Cohabitat Québec's slogan reflects this ideal:

"A community of neighbors in an urban village".

Cohabitat Québec is a project that has been matured and thought over for almost 10 years, and now lives to the rhythm of the energies of the 42 households who live there in the heart of the Saint-Sacrement district. It's the culmination of a process of collective maturation and the synthesis of several strong ideas that have taken shape in a unique model of sharing, mutual aid and good neighborliness.

Our story

Creating a co-housing community is a lengthy process with a steep learning curve. A lot of patience is required, and each stage brings new challenges.

A community like no other

Many households have interesting family stories.

The numerous advantages

Learn about the many advantages of our community: city-living in a healthy and inspiring space; sustainability; intergenerational exchange; sociocracy; and non-violent communication.

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