Ideas and dreams are explored, and some eventually become reality. We are inclined to believe that the most beautiful ideas carry us towards each other.

We assume that a group of people, women and men, young and old, from various backgrounds, can feel common, universal needs; share a dream with changing contours; and collectively invest their resources and their desires. Cohabitat Québec is the result of our efforts to create a living environment that suits all its members.

From the dream of each one of us comes a vision of the whole.

Our Vision

A vibrant community open to the world around us.

Open communication, sharing and mutual support in an intergenerational context.

Openness to difference and a balance between private and community life.

Healthy living in a harmoniously designed co-housing community while reducing our ecological footprint and leaving a beautiful legacy for future generations.

Our intentional community is the first of its kind in the province of Québec. Our social and economic objectives combine with our environmental goals to form a sustainable urban housing project.

Cohabitat Québec exists first and foremost because of and for those who demonstrate -- through their attitudes and actions -- their commitment to its goals. These are the “cohabitants”, simultaneously members, owners and occupants of the premises. They have the emotional maturity to commit themselves to such a project and are committed to communicating considerately with each other.

We imagine that those involved in conceiving, realizing and managing this project will inevitably succeed in reducing their individual lifestyle expenses. Our objective is neither luxury nor modesty; rather, our vision is a high-quality construction, affordable for the average household with the financial means to invest in it. Each household purchasing a unit in the project, regardless of the duration of occupation, can expect a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparable to a standard home in the local housing market.

Our mission statement is based on these observations:


To continue to develop an ecological and cooperative living environment based on the principle of sharing and the collective intelligence of the co-owner occupant members.

To maintain and motivate a community of people of all ages and support their commitment to living together.