Shared values, above all, are what bring people together in a co-housing community. The following values provide the basis for our community: conviviality, mutual support, respect for the person and the environment, authenticity, diversity, simplicity, a healthy lifestyle and openness to the world.

Cheerful and cordial relations between people in a group.  

We want to live in an environment that fosters neighbourliness, exchange, communication, trust and the development of lasting and warm relationships among its members. This means:

  • participating in the social life of the community;
  • promoting group activities;
  • encouraging conscious and responsible communication between members;
  • maintaining lively and pleasant common spaces;
  • allowing the transformation of spaces according to needs.

Helping each other.

We want to live in an environment that promotes mutual assistance and support among its members by:

  • helping out those in need;
  • pooling resources and skills;
  • sharing and taking a balanced approach to community tasks.

Treating each other with dignity.

We wish to create an environment where attitudes and behaviour reflect mutual respect and foster harmony, doing so by:

  • promoting non-violence;
  • prioritizing conflict resolution;
  • emphasizing emotional responsibility;
  • respecting the balance between private and community life;
  • recognizing the importance of each person's participation in decision-making;
  • respecting the participatory process;
  • adopting clear and mutually agreed-upon operating rules.

Going beyond appearances, encouraging people to express their true selves.

We want to live in an environment that encourages honest, sincere and responsible exchanges and behaviour, by:

  • establishing spaces that foster trust and openness;
  • encouraging the development of members’ communication skills.

Valuing and protecting what the planet provides.

We wish to demonstrate our respect for the environment through ecological and responsible spaces and behaviour, thinking globally and acting locally to reduce our ecological footprint. This means:

  • favouring the use of green technologies;
  • using or reusing quality (environmental) materials;
  • favouring local and/or group purchases;
  • providing recycling and composting facilities;
  • organizing transportation efficiently;
  • promoting smart and efficient construction;
  • reducing individual car use as much as possible.

Welcoming different points of view, people, circumstances and interests

We want to live in an environment that welcomes social and cultural diversity by:

  • fostering intergenerational diversity;
  • welcoming social diversity;
  • encouraging cultural expression within the community;
  • encouraging spaces that are adapted to the needs of the group;
  • welcoming difference.
The community wishes to live in an environment that fosters attitudes and behaviour associated with a healthy lifestyle in both body and mind by:
  • promoting healthy eating at communal meals;
  • encouraging physical activity;
  • ensuring that the running of the community allows space for rest time;
  • adopting a prevention-oriented attitude;
  • developing aesthetically-pleasing spaces and infrastructure.

Keeping things natural and being spontaneous, without affectation or pretense; having simple tastes, shunning excess and extravagance.

We want to apply the principle of simplicity to our operating rules, our choices, and layout and design. This means:

  • favouring the necessary over the superfluous and the natural over the artificial;
  • reducing our dependence on money;
  • giving priority to “being” over “having”.

Understanding and interest in the world beyond our community.

We want to be open to the world around us by:

  • being involved in the wider community;
  • sharing our experiences and welcoming those of others.