Cohabitat Québec moves to the rhythm of around 100 people of varied ages, representing diversity in terms of age, life experience and family organization. The majority of units are inhabited by families, some of which are nuclear and others reconstituted or single-parent families. The remaining units are occupied by couples or individuals. Around 40 young people between the ages of 2 and 25 live in the community, which encourages interaction between neighbours of all generations.   

Une histoire de générations

Une unité abrite trois générations de la même famille: la grand-mère qui vit principalement à l’étage et la mère avec ses deux grandes filles en fin d’adolescence qui ont leur chambre au sous-sol. Le rez-de-chaussée est l’espace de vie où s’entrecroise le quotidien des trois générations!

Separated but united families!

Like any society, CQ has witnessed divorce and separation. The beauty of the concept is that here, parents can choose to live close to each other! A few children from separated families thus only have a few metres to walk from one parent’s unit to the other. They also have the chance to see their parents evolve in a common living environment, with cordial exchanges and in harmony with the community.

Choosing your grandparents!

Cohabitat Québec is inspiring in all kinds of ways. Here, a little girl adopted by a single mother was able to choose to have grandparents! Being part of a very small family, and having developed a great complicity with a retired (but active!) couple within the community, she decided she would like to have them as her grandparents! That's also the magic of the community!

Community-development activities

The Community Development Circle has a mandate to ensure harmony and a sense of belonging among community members. Each year, it organizes a few group activities aimed at developing good relations between members. Fun is also a priority at Cohabitat!